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Frequently Asked Questions


What precautions are taken to reduce COVID-19 exposure?

The health and wellbeing of our customers and staff is our priority. Our COVID-19 measures have been designed with the recommendations set out by the CDC. 

  For Guests 

  • All guests will have their temperatures taken prior to boarding
  • Anyone with COVID-19 symptoms must report them immediately to the captain
  • Guests will be asked to sanitize their hands and wear mask prior boarding
  • Guests will board one by one, observing social distancing
  • Guests will be provided with COVID-19 rules which will be discussed during the safety briefing.
  • Guests must regularly wash and disinfect hands – alcohol-based disinfecting and soap is available in public areas on board
  • A display of our COVID-19 measures will be posted on the vessel 
  • Face masks are available for guests on board if needed.
  • Anyone with COVID-19 symptoms must report them immediately to the captain

For the Crew/Staff

  • All crew will have their temperature taken prior to boarding and commencing work
  • The exterior and interior of the boat will be deeply disinfected/sanitized after each use. 
  • Computer tablets will be disinfected after each use. Contactless payment preferred
  • A display of our COVID-19 measures will be posted on the vessel
  • All crew will wear masks when in contact with guests
  • Observe social distancing guidelines 
  • ALL crew are required to carry out regular hand disinfection and hand washing 

Will guest be allowed to board if they are suspected to be under the influence of drugs and alcohol?

The captain and the crew can reserve the right not to allow anyone on board.


Can my party bring our own music on a jump drive, phone, or tablet?

Guests are welcome to bring their own music or recommend a playlist to the crew for an optimal experience.


Is gratuity included in my chartered price?

At the end of the charter it will be an additional 21% service charge added to the final bill (NOTE: 100% of all gratuities go to our crew members).


Will I be taken back to the dock if I feel seasick?

The captain may bring guests back to the dock if a guest requests it due to seasickness or other illness.


Does the crew supply seasick medication?

No, guests must bring their own medication for motion sickness.


Does the vessel have available WiFi on board?

Free Wi-Fi is included in your charter.


Is there parking?

Free Parking is provided by Riviera Beach marina village. There is a south lot and a north lot. However, Anam Cara is docked closer to the north parking lot.


What happens in poor weather conditions?

If weather does not permit safe cruising, the charter can be rescheduled or reimbursed. Short duration tropical showers are quite common in South Florida, specifically during summer months; therefore, in most cases we will maintain our cruise rain or shine. Anam Cara Charters are very well equipped to comfortably handle rainy conditions, so even if it rains your event will go off without a hitch. Overcast or rain is not a valid reason for cancellation, and we will not reimburse the charter cost.s.


Can I bring my pet on board?

Please contact our charter specialist to confirm if your pet is/not allowed.


Are there any age restrictions for being on board?

No. However children must always have adult supervision.


What happens if we break something on the boat?

You break it, you buy it! The crew will advise you of the replacement price of items lost or broken.


What is the cancellation fee policy?

We understand that plans change.  With 48 hours prior notice, you will receive a full refund.  With 24 hours prior notice, we will charge 50% of the charter cost.  Less than 24 hours’ notice or no show is charged the full charter cost. If weather is the issue, we will issue a rain check or re-book you for future dates.


Will the vessel wait for me if I arrive at the dock after the charter start time?

Anam Cara is a private charter vessel, therefore there is some flexibility in the charter start time, however will have to return to the dock at the normal charter completion time, so the vessel can be made ready for the next charter.


Are strollers allowed on charters?

In most cases, we can allow strollers on board (excessive size would be the only restriction).


Can guests bring food and soft drinks onboard?

Guests are welcome to bring onboard their own food or drinks in addition to those supplied as part of the charter. Guest may not bring alcoholic drinks on board. Alcoholic drinks over and above those supplied as part of the charter, will be available upon request and will be charge in addition to the charter fee.


Does the vessel supply sunscreen?

The crew does offer reef friendly sunscreen.


Are we allowed to swim off the boat during charters?

No, we do not allow swimming from the vessel during charters.


Can I wear boat shoes on board?

Guests are asked to remove their shoes. Suitable boat shoes can be worn for medical reasons.


Does the vessel have charging facilities for cameras, tablets, phones etc.?

The vessel does carry a range of charging cables for many different devices. However, to be sure it is best to bring your own plug in chargers and cables

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